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A Holistic Approach in Aromatherapy

Treatment with aromatherapy

The principle behind allopathic, or orthodox, medicine is that illness is seen as something to be treated by suppression of the symptoms, often using quite harsh, synthetic drugs. This is in stark contrast to the holistic approach used in aromatherapy, which aims to treat the whole person: mind, body and soul (or spirit).

Symptoms of illness are seen as an imbalance of energies, and treatment with essential oils works in conjunction with the body attempting to heal itself.

This holistic framework involves the aromatherapist doing far more than simply choosing essential oils from the narrow perspective of treating symptoms. The essential oils themselves are complex, with many different qualities. So part of the skill of the therapist lies in selecting the right combination of essential oils to help the client regain mental, physical and spiritual health and balance.

Aromatherapy Treatment

A full aromatherapy treatment involves far more than simply giving a massage. The therapist will also make suggestions to assist the client to help himself or herself. Advice on lifestyle issues, diet, exercise and so on all form part of an holistic aromatherapy session.

For example, if a client presents with symptoms of insomnia, instead of simply giving a panacea (like a doctor prescribing sleeping pills), the therapist will treat the client holistically. This includes giving advice on reducing caffeine intake, checking whether the client's bedroom is sufficiently dark and quiet to promote sleep, and asking if there is some emotional problem troubling the client - all before selecting the essential oils for the aromatherapy treatment.

In this way, the holistic approach seeks to address the causes of the disease, and not simply suppress the symptoms. By removing the causes, the desired effect of health and wellbeing is brought about as naturally as possible. Of course there are times when allopathic medicine is invaluable and life-saving. A truly holistic approach to health care means using all medical systems, and complementary therapies as and when they are appropriate.


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