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Draining Facial Massage

Draining facial massage with essential oils

If you have a puffy complexion, or a cold, sinusitis, hay fever or nasal congestion that causes headaches, then a draining facial massage can help to relieve the symptoms. Production of excess mucus in nasal and respiratory passages is the body's response to inflammation caused by infection (colds and flu) or irritants (dust and pollen). The nasal passages contract through inflammation, and the mucus becomes trapped in the sinuses, causing pain and congestion.

In addition to draining facial massage, steam inhalations using lavender, eucalyptus or peppermint help to ease pain and congestion. Avoid dairy and wheat products, because these are both mucus-forming.

Using essential oils for draining facial massage

What you need - An essential oil and base oil according to skin type; use 1 percent dilution of lavender.

What to do

  • Start the facial massage according to the instructions on general toning facial massage. After the firm strokes on the forehead, start the drainage techniques.
  • Using both index fingers, one on each side of the face, place your fingertips on the bony ridge just under the eyebrows at the inner edge. Press firmly upwards, hold for two seconds, then release the pressure and, moving slightly along the eyebrow, press upwards firmly again. Repeat this procedure until you reach the outermost edge of the eyebrow. Start again at the inner edge, and do it twice more.
  • Now start with your index fingers just above each eyebrow. Using firm pressure, make large circles outwards. Follow the line above the eyebrow, down past the side of the eye (being careful not to get close to the eye), then across the top of the cheekbone and up the side of the nose, until you reach the point where you started. Make a total of six circles.
  • Starting in the same place, do six circles going in the other direction.
  • Finish by completing the rest of the facial massage sequence.


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