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Facial Steaming with Essential Oils for Deep Cleansing

Using essential oils for a deep cleansing with facial steaming

Facial steamin gwith essential oils offers an extra dimension to the cleansing process. A facial steam increases perspiration, deeply cleanses the pores and encourages the elimination of deep-seated wastes and toxins. Steaming also softens and loosens the dead skin cells, making them easier to remove, and hydrates the skin.


Avoid steaming if there are thread veins or broken veins, because steam will aggravate these. If the skin is very sensitive, or if there is sunburn or other inflammation, steaming should also be avoided. All other skin types will benefit from a weekly facial steam with essential oils - especially oily skin.


Special facial saunas are available, some of which are designed for home use. However, you can achieve almost as good an effect using a bowl of boiling water and a towel to cover you head.


How to perform a facial steaming using essential oils

What you will need - A facial sauna or bowl of boiling water, a large towel, an essential oil appropriate to your skin type, flower water appropriate to your skin type, and a light moisturizer.


What to do

  1. Prepare your facial sauna or bowl of boiling water, making sure that you have a large towel nearby.

  2. Add 5-10 drops of essential oil, according to the strength of aroma desired.

  3. Either place your face in the facial sauna according to the manufacturer's instructions or hold your face a little way above the bowl of boiling water and essential oil, and place the towel over your head.

  4. Keep your eyes closed, but be careful not to get your face too close to the hot water. If the initial vapor of the essential oil is very strong, lift your head away for a few moments, until the vapor is less powerful.

  5. After steaming for five minutes, wipe your face and allow it to cool. Then spray it with flower water, allowing it to dry naturally. This further cools the face and closes the pores.

  6. Finally, apply a light moisturizer.


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