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General Toning Facial Massage

Using essential oils for general toning facial massage

Facial massage relaxes tension, tones muscles, stimulates blood supply, improves skin tone and stimulates lymphatic drainage and the removal of toxins. Although you can do a face massage on yourself, this simple facial massage is easiest to practice on a friend. The person should lie on the floor on a futon or mat, and you should kneel on a cushion behind their head.

How to perform it

You will need an essential oil and base oil according to the skin type. Use 1 percent dilution: 1 drop of essential oil in 5 ml (1 teaspoon) of base oil.

What to do

  • Cleanse and tone the face thoroughly, ideally using a cold-cream cleanser and skin toner.
  • Gently hold the head to establish contact, then oil your fingertips and, with sweeping, stroking movements, lightly draw your fingers from the bottom of the face to the top, avoiding the eyes. Repeat several times, gently increasing the pressure.
  • Place your fingertips horizontally in the middle of the forehead, using a little more oil if required. Draw them firmly out to the temples several times. You should be able to feel the bones of the forehead through the facial skin and flesh.
  • Now place your fingertips on either side of the nose. Draw them up and out to the sides of the face several times, using a little less pressure than you used on the forehead.
  • Using both index fingers, make small circles all over the nose. Be careful not to block off the air flow. Continue making small circles over the chin and around the mouth area, avoiding the lips.
  • Finish as you started, with gentle sweeping strokes up the face, getting gradually lighter until the contact disappears. Encourage your friend to lie there and relax for a few minutes after the massage is finished.


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