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Aromatherapy Massage for Relaxation

How to use aromatherapy massage for relaxation

An aromatherapy full body massage from a qualified and experienced therapist is the pinnacle of aromatherapy treatments. The potent combination of healing touch, soft stroking, deeper massage on tight muscles and energetic work, together with the therapeutic power of essential oils, is unsurpassable.

Nevertheless, the massage techniques introduced in this section can be of immense benefit. Self-massage and giving a simple massage to friends and family are rewarding, and clear, detailed instructions for easy massage strokes and techniques are given in this section. There are many benefits of aromatherapy massage, both physical and emotional, as well as spiritual and energetic. On a physical level, the different massage strokes relieve pain, increase circulation of the blood and lymph, help to eliminate toxins and ease fatigue, tense muscles. On an emotional level, the mind and feelings are clamed, and deep relaxation is felt. An accompanying - and not strictly explicable - feeling of wellbeing and connectedness represents the spiritual and energetic benefits.

Before learning how to massage it is important to know something about the body and the way the different body components and functions operate. Although massage is performed on the surface of the body, it works on the superficial muscles directly underneath and affects the deep underlying muscles, organs and other body systems.

Occasionally massage is contraindicated (advised against), and you must never massage anyone with a serious medical condition. Learning about the body helps you understand when massage is beneficial and when it is not. There are several basic massage strokes to learn which you can use to perform the different types of massage.

Different usage of aromatherapy massage:


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