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Aromatherapy Massage for the Reproductive System

Helping the reproductive system by using aromatherapy massage

Strictly speaking, this section is concerned with the female reproductive system, because aromatherapy massage and other applications of essential oils have much to offer in this area. Aromatherapy can be of benefit to the menstrual cycle, conception and pregnancy, childbirth and the menopause.

The male reproductive system is much less complex and aromatherapy has less to offer it.

The female reproductive system includes the ovaries that produce ova (eggs), the fallopian tubes that carry the eggs to the uterus, the vagina, vulva and mammary glands (breasts). The female reproductive system produces eggs, secretes sex hormones, provides a safe place for sperm to fertilize the ova and develop a baby, delivers the baby, and produces breast milk to nourish the baby.

How aromatherapy massage can help the reproductive system

Aromatherapy massage can be helpful for pregnant women by applying a gentle aromatherapy during pregnancy.

Aromatherapy is also use with both menstrual and menopausal problems. The menstrual cycle consists of the oestrogenic phase (which occurs from menstruation till ovulation) and the progesteronic phase from ovulation to the onset of menstruation). During the first phase, certain essential oils that contain plant hormones similar to oestrogens are of benefit and can help to normalize irregular periods. These essential oils include clary sage, cypress, fennel and geranium. It is best to minimize their use during the progesteronic phase.

Cypress can relieve painful periods and reduce excessive blood flow. Marjoram, lavender, roman chamomile, german chamomile and clary sage can relieve painful periods. Gentle abdominal massage and hot compresses over the abdomen are the best methods of application.

The menopause occurs for most women in their late forties or early fifties. Some women are relatively symptom-free, but many suffer from excessively heavy periods, hot flushes, depression and insomnia. Geranium is a hormonal balancer, while rose tones and cleanses the uterus, and cypress helps to relieve excessive menstrual flow. These essential oils can be used in massage, as well as in baths and as hot compresses over the abdomen.


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