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Preparation for Aromatherapy Massage with Essential Oils

How to prepare for an aromatherapy massage using essential oils

Massage requires proper preparation in order to be effective and comfortable for you or for another person if you are giving a massage to someone else. On a practical level, if you have not prepared properly and halfway through your massage discover that you have run out of towels, then you must stop and wash your hands before you can touch anything.

How to prepare for a massage with essential oils

  1. Find a private room that is quiet, clean and spacious enough to do the massage in. It must be warm - at least a few degrees above normal room temperature - because you will remove clothing to do the massage, and you (or the other person) do not want to feel chilly. Oiled skin chills quickly, so a warm room is really important.

  2. Make sure the lighting is soft, but bright enough to see what you are doing. Uplighters and side lights are better than overhead lights if you are massaging someone else, so that the light does not shine directly in their eyes when they are lying on their back.

  3. Ensure that you have enough of everything you will need, including sufficient time so that you are not rushed. You require plenty of different-sized towels to cover up parts of the body after they have been massaged. A large towel can be used to cover a futon or mat on the floor where you will be doing the massage. Have several cushions available to sit on, and to support your knees if you are massaging another person.

  4. Select your essential oils and blend them into sufficient base oil for your needs. A full body massage takes 15-25 ml (3-5 teaspoons), depending on the size of the person and how dry the skin is. use a small, shallow dish that you can easily dip your fingers into.

  5. Prepare yourself mentally to do the massage. Make sure that you have your book open at the right page, if you need to check the massage sequence.

  6. Remember to cut your fingernails short, tie your hair back and remove any rings or bracelets before you start.


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