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Aromatherapy and Your Personality

How to choose essential oils to suit different personality

There are several different ways to choose essential oils. When there is a physical ailment to be treated, you focus mainly on the physical properties of essential oils. For example, if you have a sore throat then you would choose an essential oil that can fight the bacterial infection that is causing the problem, such as lavender, benzoin, thyme or rosewood.

On other occasions, essential oils are selected more for their cosmetic skin-care properties, their anti-depressant and uplifting qualities, or their sedative or stimulating properties. A brief holistic consideration is always given to the way the essential oil affects you as a whole person, but this is not always the prime consideration.

Your maturing personality

Once you have some experience of using essential oils, then an interesting way to choose them is according to your own personality. This is not a static blueprint of who you are; subtle transformations in your personality occur as you move through life and are affected by your experiences. Your personality matures and grows, just as your mind and body do.

This changing nature of personality is reflected in your appreciation of essential oils. When you first encounter them, you quickly decide on those that you like, the oils that make you feel good, and those that you dislike and can't stand the smell of. However, your perception often changes over time. A once-loved essential oil may lose its attraction for you, and one that never inspired you may suddenly become your favorite. Occasionally you will notice that an essential oil you disliked at first is now appealing to you.

This observation suggests that essential oils can reflect different aspects of your personality. Choosing individual essential oils and blends that have an affinity with who you are at this moment in time is a wonderful way to use the subtle power of essential oils. Each of us is a unique personality, shifting and transforming over time. Selecting essential oils that echo your strengths and positive emotions, and that help redress your weaknesses and negativities deepens your understanding of yourself.


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