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Using Essential Oils to Relieve Fear

How to relieve fear by using essential oils

Fear ranges from mild consternation, through dread and alarm, right up to sheer terror and panic. The physical symptoms include a racing heart; short, quick, shallow breaths and sometimes a feeling of paralysis, of being rooted to the spot; and faintness or dizziness. The syndrome known as 'fight or flight' may occur, when you either become aggressive or feel like running away.

All these physical manifestations of fear develop quickly, and are unpleasant and debilitating. They need to be dealt with swiftly.

Useful Remedies to relieve fear with essential oils

  • As an emergency measure, sniff essential oils straight from the bottle. If there is time and availability, sprinkle a few drops on a tissue and sniff that. Try to sit down as soon as possible.
  • The best essential oils to treat fear are neroli and frankincense. Neroli is one of the most calming oils and frankincense helps balance and deepen the breathing. Lavender is calming too and gentle enough to use neat on the skin on occasions like this. Apply a couple of drops to each temple, and gently and slowly rub in a circular motion. Repeat this procedure on the inside of the wrists.
  • If fear is a recurring problem, with a known cause - for example, a fear of public speaking - book a course of aromatherapy massage. The aromatherapist will probably focus on the chest area, neck and shoulder, to reduce tension caused by fear. She or he may also focus on the abdomen to encourage deep breathing and to bring your attention to your center. You can massage these areas yourself too.
  • Choose a blend that includes some of the following oils: lavender, rose absolute, melissa, benzoin, ylang ylang, jasmine and clary sage. In addition to massage, use some of the above oils in the bath, both before and after the fear-provoking event. If it is possible, diffuse essential oils in the room or alternatively sniff a tissue sprinkled with appropriate oils.


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