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Using Essential Oils to Relieve Worry

How to relieve worry by using essential oils

There is an old saying that there is no point in worrying, because if you can do something about the issue, then do it instead of worrying about it; and if you can't do anything about the issue, then there is no point in worrying. But despite these words of wisdom, worrying about different things remain a preoccupation for many.

Worry is characterized by endlessly turning over some issue in your mind, constantly thinking about it and an inability to let it go. Worrying is counter-productive because often you become so close to the issue that you can no longer 'see the wood for the trees'. In other words, you lose the ability to make logical judgments on the best way to deal with the troublesome issue or problem.

Although worry manifests originally in the mental sphere, over a long time it can lead to loss of appetite and loss of interest in anything other than the subject being worried about. This apathy can lead to depression if you are not careful, so dealing with worry before physical symptoms appear is a sensible thing to do. Essential oils can help in several ways.

Useful remedies to relieve worry by using essential oils

  • Bright, sharp cephalic oils can help you cut through the worry to reconnect with the central concern, so that you are able to see things clearly and deal with them. Rosemary, basil, peppermint, pine, lemongrass and juniper can all be sniffed on a tissue or, for a longer-lasting, more pervasive effect, diffused into your room.
  • Some of the calming essential oils are useful in counteracting worry. Frankincense has a reputation for breaking links with the past and letting go of persistent unwanted thoughts. In ancient times, frankincense was used literally to drive out evil spirits, and we can see worry as an evil spirit in this context. Roman chamomile and german chamomile are helpful, as are marjoram, neroli, verbena and melissa. Bathing with a selection of these essential oils can be an effective method of banishing your worries.


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