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Relieving Depression with Essential Oils

How to use essential oils to relieve depression

The term depression covers a wide range of emotions with differing psychological states, feelings and physical behavior traits. One depressed person may be lethargic and apathetic, feel numb and fatigued all the time, and do very little, maybe sleeping a lot. Another may have a lot of nervous tension, have difficulty sleeping, feel anxious a lot of the time and have bursts of feverish activity. Obviously these two cases require different techniques and remedies with different essential oils.

Useful remedies to relive depression with essential oils

  • When apathy and lethargy characterize depression, then enlivening, uplifting essential oils are called for. In this case, taking bath with suitable essential oils is a good idea, not least because it makes you do something positive for yourself, rather than relying on someone giving you a massage, which might increase your passivity. Self-massage, however, can be helpful - again because it makes you do something actively to help yourself.
  • The most suitable essential oils for depression characterized by apathy and lethargy are both stimulating and anti-depressant. They include bergamot - perhaps the most sunny, elevating and cheering essential oil - geranium, rosemary, juniper and jasmine. Peppermint can clear the head and blow away emotional and metal cobwebs. Melissa can help you find a renewed interest in life.
  • When depression is characterized by anxiety and nervous tension, then calming, soporific essential oils are called for. Relieving a full body massage from an aromatherapist is probably the best remedy here, but diffusing suitable essential oils in your room and using them regularly in the bath are good supplements.
  • The most suitable essential oils in this instance are both sedative and anti-depressant. They include roman and german chamomile, neroli, sandalwood, ylang ylang, frankincense and clary sage. Including no more than one drop of narcissus, jonquil, linden blossom or violet leaf in a blend adds a deeply calming and slightly hypnotic influence, which helps you ground yourself and find your center.


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