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Relieving Grief with Essential Oils

How to use essential oils to relieve grief

Of all the negative emotions, grief can be the most devastating, especially in cases of bereavement. When confronted with someone else's grief, it is difficult to know what to say or do, and the encounter can leave you feeling awkward and uncomfortable. With your own grief, there is often little consolation from anything anyone else can say or do.

There is much more to dealing with grief than simply recommending some essential oils. More than anything else, it is the silent, loving care and attention of an aromatherapist giving a full body massage that can be of great benefit to someone grieving.

Useful remedies to relieve grief with using essential oils

  • The first choice of all remedies and techniques to deal with grief is to book an aromatherapy treatment. The therapist will select oils to treat you holistically, dealing with the whole person rather than just the symptoms of grief. He or she will probably include rose absolute or rose otto in the blend, because rose has a special affinity with grief. It gently opens the heart to release pent-up emotions, and comforts the sorry and heartache. Rose allows for the possibility of new feelings of love and affection to eventually arise and helps you move on.
  • As a supplement to aromatherapy massage, rose otto and rose absolute are gently enough to wear as a perfume, and a drop or two rubbed on the inside of the wrist envelops you in their comforting fragrance. Any of the uplifting mood scents can also be applied. Bathing with and diffusing essential oils is of benefit.
  • Other essential oils for grief include benzoin and marjoram, which have a warming, comforting effect on the emotions. Melissa is an excellent tonic of the heart, both physically and emotionally, and in times of grief its uplifting, anti-depressant properties help release trauma and pain. Hyssop can help when grief leaves you wide open emotionally; it helps define boundaries with others and psychically cleases the emotional detritus of grief.


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