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Relieving Impatience with Essential Oils

How to use essential oils to relieve impatience

Impatience and irritability are closely linked and influence each other, so dealing with both of these negative mental states simultaneously is a good idea. They stem from frustrated desire, from not getting your own way or not getting what you want quickly enough. In our contemporary, fast-moving, 'instant-fix' society these negative emotions are more prevalent than ever. Living in such a constant state of tension is unhealthy and can lead to heart and blood-pressure problems.

Using essential oils in methods that encourage you to slow down, take your time and reflect on the absurdity of wanting everything your own way - and instantly - is an effective way to relieve impatience. Learning how to slow down in a society that encourages activity at top speed is not easy. However, you can carve some time out of your busy day to spend by yourself quietly, trying to transform your impatience into a calm acceptance of things as they are.

Useful remedies and techniques to relieve impatience

  • Regular aromatic baths are of great benefit in relieving impatience. Choose essential oils that are calming generally, and those that are soothing to the mental turmoil caused by impatience. Roman chamomile is one of the best essential oils for impatience. It gently but powerfully soothes the grumpiness born of impatience, as well as feelings of over-sensitivity, continual dissatisfaction and self-obsession.
  • Frankincense is another useful oil, as it helps you slow down, breathe deeply and calm the mind and emotions. marjoram and lavender are traditional classics to use for calming irritability ad impatience. Cypress is a strengthening, calming oil, and a symbol of eternity and inner wisdom that helps you realize the foolishness of being impatient.
  • Have a long, relaxing bath and make the occasion special, rather than functional. Light candles, play soft music and place flowers and crystals close by. Choose some essential oils from the suggestions above, and include something sweet and gentle, like geranium with its balancing quality, and something light and cheery, like orange, bergamot or mandarin.


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