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Relieving Nervous Energy with Essential Oils

How to use essential oils to relieve nervous energy

Nervous energy, tension and stress are the body's reactions to external stress factors. These range from the physical stress of being involved in a car accident, through the stress caused by a neighbor's music, to worries about work and anxieties about relationships.

If the stress factor is prolonged for any length of time, the body reacts by overcoming the initial stress reaction and adapting to the situation. The body appears to function reasonably well on the surface, but the adrenal glands and immune system become strained, and nervous energy is the result. In the long term your body cannot cope, and you may become ill with anything from a nervous skin rash to a heart attack.

Nervous tension is characterized by a general sense of unease: you become restless, tense and edgy, and develop behavioral tendencies such as fidgeting and nervous tics or twitches. If you recognize symptoms like these, it is sensible to address the situation swiftly before you become ill, and aromatherapy is of enormous benefit to anyone suffering from nervous tension.

Useful remedies to relieve nervous energy with essential oils

  • The best remedy is to have regular aromatherapy full body massages, where the body enters a state of deep relaxation for a while. Self-massage is of benefit between treatments. Massage your neck and shoulders, chest and abdomen, and your feet as frequently as you feel able to.
  • There are many sedative, anti-depressant essential oils to choose from to deal with nervous energy. These include roman chamomile, rose absolute and rose otto, neroli, clary sage, jasmine, vetiver, lavender, rosewood and marjoram. Essential oils that have a tonic and strengthening effect on the adrenal glands are also of benefit, and rosemary and geranium are especially useful.
  • Bathing with calming essential oils at night promotes relaxation, and if the body relaxes properly before sleep, then its own self-healing powers can come into effect. Wearing a mood scent - calming, uplifting or confidence-inspiring - during the day is supportive, as is diffusing calming essentials oils in your room.


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