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Aromatic Bathing with Essential Oils

Using essential oils in aromatic baths

After massage, aromatic bathing with essential oils is the most effective and enjoyable aromatherapy treatment. The therapeutic effects of water and bathing are well known, but adding essential oils makes the experience special.

Aromatic baths offer simplicity and versatility. A bath with essential oils can be relaxing, stimulating, refreshing or aphrodisiac. You can treat skin conditions and relieve aching muscles. However, aromatic baths are most commonly used to promote relaxation and dispel stress.

Adding essential oils to your bath

  • Fill the bath with water, sprinkle 4-8 drops of essential oil on top and - because essential oils don't dissolve in water - agitate the bath water to disperse the oils. Don't add essential oils beforehand or much of the highly volatile oils will be lost.
  • You can make a moisturizing bath oil using a dispersant bath oil base, or a base oil such as sweet almond. To 5 ml (1 teaspoon) of base oil, add 4-8 drops of essential oils of your choice, then add this mixture to the bath, as describe above. A classic relaxing bath blend is 2 drops of lavender, 2 drops of geranium and 2 drops of chamomile.


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