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The Art of Blending Essential Oils

How to combine essential oils into different blends

Essential oils can work well on their own for therapeutic purposes, and are often individually aesthetically pleasing. However, the real essence - and fun - of aromatherapy lies in creating blends of essential oils. The extensive range of oils and the different proportions you can use means that each blend you make has a unique quality.

A blend is more than just a collection of essential oils mixed together. Blending is an art and, like other art forms, it is an intuitive, creative process. When you mix essential oils into a blend you create more than the sum of its parts. This is a concept called 'synergy', which reflects the way the oils interact with each other, how they subtly change over time and how the blender responds to the blend.

In other words, blending essential oils is like magic or alchemy, and the blend itself evolves and subtly changes as time passes. We can say that a blend of essential oils is a living, organic process rather than a static, inert object or substance.

Finding your own preferences

Essential oils are blended together for their therapeutic and medical qualities and to create fragrances. However, these two aims are not exclusive; there is no point in making up a blend of essential oils for a headache, only to discover that you don't like the smell. People tend to be attracted to essential oils that will be of benefit to them, and personal likes and dislikes often change over time.

How do you know which essential oils will blend together well and which should not be mixed? It is very much down to individual taste and preference. There are no hard-and-fast rules - just a few general principles. For example, many women like sweet, floral scents, while most men prefer woody, herby or spicy fragrances.

Each essential oil has its own individual character. As you become familiar with the different oils, you will intuitively learn and understand which oils blend well with which others. Experimentation and experience are key to the art of blending.


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