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Essential Oils as Scent for Paper and Linens

Using essential oils as scent for paper and linens

It is very romantic to receive a perfumed letter from a loved one. Scented note paper used to be popular before e-mails drastically reduced the number of letters that we write, so making your own scented note paper might inspire you to write more letters. Alternatively, try scenting your bed linen or even your underwear!

Scenting items

  • Take half a dozen paper tissues and place 1 drop of essential oil onto the corners and center. interleave the tissue between sheets of paper in a box of quality writing paper. After two days the paper will be delicately scented, but not stained with essential oil. The most romantic fragrance is rose, while lavender is suitable for your mother, grandmother or aunt.
  • Place paper tissues scented with essential oils in the linen cupboard between sheets, to gently perfume your bed line. Try a mixture of lavender, ylang ylang and bergamot.


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