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Essential Oils in Vaporizers and Diffusers

Using essential oils in diffusers and vaporizers

A delightful and natural way to perfume a room is to diffuse essential oils into the atmosphere. Essential oil burners offer a convenient way to vaporize essential oils. They are usually constructed of pottery or stone, and have a lower chamber for a tea-light candle and a top bowl for water and essential oils.

Also available are electric aromatic diffusers and light-bulb rings, which work in a similar way to burners. Even placing a small bowl of hot water on a radiator creates a simple device for vaporizing oils.

Using a burner to vaporize essential oils

  • Light the tea light, and pour some warm water into the top bowl to half-fill it. Then sprinkle on 8-10 drops of essential oil. As the water heats, the essential oils vaporize and fragrance the air.
  • Lemongrass will keep insects at bay, while geranium and bergamot will deodorize and neutralize cigarette smoke and pet smells. To prevent infection spreading, use ti-tree, rosemary or eucalyptus, and to create a relaxing atmosphere, try frankincense and sandalwood.


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