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Using Essential Oils

How are essential oils used?

Essential oils are the main 'tools of the trade' for an aromatherapist, and in her or his hands they become a powerful, yet subtle instrument of healing. In this context, the most valuable use of essential oils lies in professional aromatherapy massage treatments.

Such a treatment consists of two parts. The first part is a consultation, during which the aromatherapist will establish the best way to treat the client, and which essential oils will be most beneficial. This is followed by blending the massage oil and giving a full body massage.

Sometimes a shorter treatment of a back, head, neck and shoulder massage is offered, which may be conveniently fitted into a lunch hour. Some aromatherapists also offer facial, lymphatic drainage massage and other specialized aromatherapy treatments.

After an aromatherapy massage, the aromatherapist may suggest that the client uses essential oils at home to reinforce the treatment and to maintain an ongoing beneficial effect. The aromatherapist may then make up a body oil or bath oil for the client, or suggest specific essential oils for the client to purchase and use for themselves at home.

Enjoying Essential Oils at Home

There are several ways to use essential oils at home, with or without the specific advice and support of an aromatherapist. So long as you stick to the guidelines and instructions, such as those found in this site, using essential oils at home can be both fun and rewarding.

Perhaps the most common way to use them at home is by adding a few drops to a bath. However, there is far more to this than simply choosing a bottle of essential oil at random and adding a few drops to your bath water!

Other home uses of essential oils include steam inhalations, hot and cold compresses, blending them into face creams and body lotions, using them in hair care, and as room fragrances and personal perfumes.


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