Aromatherapy For Aches And Pains



How To Use Aromatherapy For Aches And Pains

You can make use of aromatherapy to effectively treat aches and pains without any negative side effects. Using essential oils to treat pain is a natural way to treat your self as an ideal home remedies

Essential oils have a multitude of medicinal properties that can aid your systems in your body in various ways. There are many different oils to choose from and each one has its own special way of helping you to treat your painful areas.

Knee PainUsing a natural aromatherapy for aches and pains like Wintergreen oil can combat pain like arthritis and rheumatism. This oil helps to soothe the emotions and calm the soul. It contains methyl salicylate that works the same way an aspirin would.

Peppermint oil can be used in an effective way to block pain, the oil blocks the channels that your body transmits pain signals from. It is one of the best types of essential oils used today to treat all sorts of ailments in the body.

If you experience pain in your bones you should try and make use of some the following essential oils:

  • Essential peppermint oil
  • Essential Wintergreen oil
  • Essential Helichrysum oil
  • Essential spruce oil

You can also use oil blends that have been made up professionally such as essential PanAway oil blend or essential Relieve It oil blend. These are all naturally based oils that are kind to your skin.

If you suffer from chronic pain you should try out some of the following oils in aromatherapy for aches and pains:

  • Essential basil oil
  • Essential peppermint oil
  • Essential valerian oil
  • Essential Wintergreen oil
  • Essential clove oil

It is always advisable to ask advice on how to make use of aromatherapy for aches and pains. Essential oils on their own can be quiet strong and could end up burning your skin. In most cases only a few drops of the essential oil will suffice.