Aromatherapy For Skin Care



Using essential oils for skin care

This article is not going to claim that your eczema, psoriasis or chronic acne – which so far has defeated the best of modern medical science – is miraculously curable by aromatherapy. However, these conditions can be eased by using essential oils in conjunction with pharmaceutical products.

The cosmetic side of skin care is dealt with more fully in the beauty treatments article.

Meanwhile, for the general health and care of our outermost layers we can divide quite a large number of oils into categories matching the most common, everyday complaints which may not worry the doctor but do worry the sufferer.

Aromatherapy for skin careFor skin which is dry, itchy, tired or sore, you need the soothers and healers :

  • chamomile, lavender, petitgrain, sandalwood, vetivert

For oily skin, spots and skin in need of refreshment, the antiseptics and tonics are:

  • cypress, eucalyptus, geranium, juniper, lemon, rosemary

For cuts, sores and bites, the stronger, more medicinal oils are:

  • cajeput, and – especially – tea tree.

Clary sage, lemongrass, palmarosa and patchouli also have particular benefits in skin care.