Best Hot Tub Aromatherapy



Creating the Best Hot Tub Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is something magical, but it isn’t only for massages. Did you know that the best hot tub aromatherapy can be just as good as the best massage? You can turn your own bath tub or hot tub into a personal spa resort with only a few minerals and oils. If you are at all interested in creating the best hot tub aromatherapy, then here are a few tips to help you on your journey towards relaxation.

Hot tub aromatherapyIt’s all about the smell
Aromatherapy is nothing without the right aroma. Experiment with a few different scents over a course of days until you find the perfect scent for your best hot tub aromatherapy. You might be surprised to learn how only a small change from honey to cherry can make such a huge difference in the overall mood. You really do need the perfect scent before you can truly enjoy your bath.

If you are working in a hot tub instead of a bathtub, you will need to put some extra work on the scent. The smell of chlorine can completely overpower or ruin your desired fragrances. Even though a scent smells good on the shelf, it doesn’t mean you will like it once it mixes with the chlorine. It will require sampling and improving inside the hot tub.

The essential oils
The essential oils are what leave you feeling refreshed after you have taken a bath. Without these, you can forget creating the best hot tub aromatherapy and expect to enjoy an average bath. Oils sooth your body and mind. This is the part that students spend hundreds of hours learning to understand and diversify. It might take a lot of experimentation, but you should find the right oils and once you do, you will know it.