The Beneficial Use of Eucalyptus Essential Oil



What are the benefits in the usage of Eucalyptus essential oil

Uses: as a tonic; for aches and pains; for skin care.

It is widely used to combat breathing problems, both the bronchial and asthmatic sorts. Anyone who has ever had a cold will surely recognize this celebrated cold treatment, one of the most powerful-smelling ingredients in chest and head-clearing ointments, inhalants and in cough sweets.

Eucalyptus essential oilThere are something like 500 varieties of eucalyptus. The one used most for commercial essential oil is Eucalyptus globulus, which is the famous blue gum tree of Australia. The oil is distilled from the leaves and is top note.

Eucalyptus as a tonic

Feeling sleepy? Don’t want to feel sleepy? Few essential oils can clear the fuzz away like eucalyptus. It can also give relief on a muggy, hot day.

Methods for eucalyptus as a tonic: water; applicators; vaporizers; massage.

Eucalyptus for aches and pains

Like quite a number of essential oils, eucalyptus can be helpful with general pains and swellings, but its main strength is in providing relief and respite for tired, over-worked muscles. This is the one for post-aerobic stiffening, or for pulls and strains.

Methods for aches and pains: water; applicators; massage.

Eucalyptus for skin care

Eucalyptus is one of the stronger antiseptics among essential oils, and its cooling, anti-inflammatory, insect-repelling properties make it a natural choice for stings and bites, rashes, flushed skin and spots.

Method for skin care: applicators.

Eucalyptus for aiding breathing

Coughs, colds, throat infections, catarrh, ‘flu, blocked sinus, asthma – all such constrictions and congestion can be relieved with eucalyptus. The antiseptic action may help clear away some conditions, and the invigorating vapors will make you feel better.

Methods for aiding breathing: water; vaporizers; massage.

Eucalyptus as an aphrodisiac

Eucalyptus tends to have practical uses such as dissolving oily substances, rather than stirring romantic notions. However, its harmonizing nature can help cool overheated emotions in conflict.