Usage of Cypress Essential Oil



Cypress essential oil and its beneficial use

Uses: as a reviver; for aches and pains; skin care.

Cypress is chiefly known as an astringent, deodorant, drying oil. It can also be good for circulatory, digestive and menopausal problems.

Safe and unlikely to cause any irritation, cypress oil has a very long history, going back with myrrh and frankincense to ancient Babylon. In Far Eastern tradition, cypress is considered a useful aid when fluid is the problem, such as heavy sweating, heavy loss of menstrual fluid, diarrhea.

Cypress essential oilCupressus sempervirens is not grown much in the United Kingdom as it requires warmer climes. You will see a lot of it in the south of France, where it is grown widely for commercial use.

The oil is distilled from the twigs, needles and cones and is middle note (see Glossary). Cypress is widely used in men’s toiletries because its ‘heavy’ scent can be more acceptable for men than the floral oils.

Cypress as a tonic

Cypress is a good mind-clearer and can help when a pick-me-up is needed, or when the brain is buzzing and you can’t sleep.

Methods for cypress as a tonic: water; vaporizers; massage.

Cypress for aches and pains

Again, this is not its main use, but cypress can be put to beneficial use with cramps and swellings. Where poor circulation is causing the discomfort, this oil should be especially helpful.

Methods for aches and pains: water; applicators; massage.

Cypress for skin care

All essential oils are antiseptic in some way but cypress especially so. Cypress is also an astringent and can be used as a styptic to stop blood, although it is chiefly for its fragrance that perfume manufacturers use it so much in aftershave. Cypress is a skin revitalizes and freshener, and is particularly employed against greasy, oily skin.

Method for skin care: applicators.

Cypress as an aphrodisiac

Cypress is of limited use in this respect; it is more likely to make you think of a bracing walk in January than of romantic evenings in tropical moonlight.