Usage of Juniper Essential Oil



How to use Juniper essential oil

Uses: as a tonic; for aches and pains; for skin care; as an aphrodisiac.

The berries and the rest of this evergreen shrub are used in oil production, but the superior product is the one distilled just from the berry, which is the same berry that is used to flavor gin. Juniper berry oil is middle note.

Juniper oil is mainly regarded as a cleanser and stimulator. It was used for centuries as a household disinfectant and in herbal remedies to stimulate bowel and kidney action. Along with the related cypress, and eucalyptus, this oil can be useful when detoxification is needed.

Juniper Essential OilWARNING: although safe in most situations, juniper must not be used by pregnant women, especially in the early months, nor on anyone with kidney trouble. In any case it should never be used over-liberally although there will usually be no problems with a sensible approach.

Juniper as a tonic

This is a good pick-me-up, an uplifting oil in times of stress and anxiety. Tiredness, lassitude and general ‘floppiness’ can be dispelled. If you are changing your lifestyle habits and resolving to follow a healthy regime, then juniper and the New You definitely go together.

Methods for juniper as a tonic: water; applicators; vaporizers; massage

Juniper for aches and pains

Used in the herbal tradition for gout, arthritis and rheumatism, juniper stimulates circulation and gives a fillip to aching muscles and creaking joints. Period pains and aching breasts can also be relieved.

Methods for aches and pains: water; applicators; massage

Juniper for skin care

Oily skin, greasy hair, spots and tired skin should all respond well to juniper. This is a tonic, strong on the healthy glows and the feel-good factor. It is used in the toiletry industry as an ingredient in the spicier after-shaves and perfumes.

Methods for skin care: applicators

Juniper as an aphrodisiac

Juniper as a perfume ingredient is supposed to be attractive to both males and females, and some experts, although not all, give it as an aphrodisiac. More experiments are obviously needed.